Jacksonville Florida trusts the care of its treasured "Treaty Oak"
to the Consulting Arborist for the City - Early Piety
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Arborist Services

Tree Consulting
Issues with your Trees can be identified and a course of corrective action can be started with the expert consultation of a certified arborist like Early Piety. Arguably the most experienced arborist in Jacksonville and having maintained some of our most coveted trees, Early is extremely knowledgeable of the trees and foilage indigenous to Northeast Florida.

Tree Diagnosis
Diagnosing tree health problems requires a combination of knowledge, experience and keen observation. Most often it is not simply a case of identifying an insect or disease. Trees that are dying or are in decline are usually suffering from a combination of stress factors that weaken the tree.

Tree Preservation
During the pre-construction phase, consulting with a Tree Preservation Specialist like Early Pierty, can prevent serious damage to the trees on your property. Knowing what to look out for during construction and following prevention guidelines can save your trees and prevent problems down the road.

Tree Planning
Early Piety can help you decide which trees can be saved, and can work with the builder to protect the trees throughout each construction phase. Furthermore, this Tree Planning service is a helpful tree inventory that will allow you to manage your trees for years to come.

Tree Mitigation
Tree Mitigation is a service performed only by a certified arborist registered with the city where the service is required. This service is primarily utilized by developers who must pay the city for every tree cut down on a tract of land they are developing into home lots. This service saves the Developer many thousands of dollars by weeding out the trees they must pay for into groups of dead, diseased or damaged trees.

Expert Witness
Mr. Piety is considered an expert in tree diagnosis and if his opinion of a tree is that it is rotten then the courts generally acknowledge his findings to be accurate. Early is qualified to present "known practices" or "industry standards" of tree care - and when those practices are not observed he is able to present a "cause and effect" of resulting damage.


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