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Need Help with our Ligustrum Hedge - Referral letter

November 25, 2014

Dear Sir,

Two of my friends in Jacksonville recommended you extravagantly. I served many years with my friend on the Landscape Commission and knew these friends from our years in Springfield and working on community projects here in Jacksonville.

I suspect you are much too busy to deal personally with our needs. But you probably have colleagues who could help us devise a plan for our new home in Colony Cove. All of this is going to be expensive so we want to do it all right, with minimum damage and maximum improvement to what we think is a very attractive setting.

We hated leaving Springfield. When we took on the condemned house in 1992, we enjoyed the challenge. We loved our 100-year-old house, but my health was making maintaining and living in the 3-story frame structure very difficult.

The house had been neglected for years. Aluminum wiring caused insurance problems. There is too much yard for people our age… about a half- acre sloping triangle with 19 very large trees, mostly oaks. Two are dangerously close to the house; one is interfering with the HVAC. It dropped a huge branch several years ago that apparently took out a long expanse (replanted) of the ligustrum hedge and the neighbor’s shrubs. We believe it now needs to be completely removed. We need help deciding about the one hanging right over the front of the house. We have had a couple of estimates, but I hesitate to do anything until we understand our new property better.

The hedge has about 41 plants. Most it is quite old: eight have died. With an amateur diagnosis of root rot (too much water?), We severely cut back several and are treating a sampling with copper. We need advice on how to proceed.

After we get your expert opinion on the trees and shrubs, we will need to contact a landscaper to develop a plan. I am not a fan of huge expanses of green grass, requiring tons of chemicals.

Then there is the back yard which is very shaded and has a large crop of oak seedlings. I want to dig them up, discourage grass, plant more native shrubs, and encourage the birds.

If we cut any trees, I want to create a terrace around the fire pit with pavers sliced from the trees. I may not be able to afford all of it, but I certainly am not knowledgeable enough to create a long-term plan for any of this without professional expertise.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tree Plan Customer

Hello Friend, I would immediately suggest Arborist Early Piety. He is a joy, and I would say THE foremost tree expert in Jacksonville.


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