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Welcome to Specialty Tree Surgeons, Inc. - one of the Most Experienced Tree Care Companies in Jacksonville, FL

Specialty Tree Surgeons, Inc. is uniquely qualified to handle your treasured trees with the experienced care, wisdom and integrity.

Questions about any of your trees? Call Early Piety at Specialty Tree Surgeons - (904) 733-4455

Fully Licensed & Insured including Workers Comp.

•  Tree Service, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming and Pruning
•  Providing expert tree trimming and pruning with ISA certified arborist on the job.
• Thirty years of experience serving the Jacksonville and surrounding areas.
•  Free Estimates for tree work.
•  Arborist consultations available for opinions and diagnosing tree disease.

Fully Licensed and Insured with Cecil W. Powell Insurance. You may contact them at 904-353-3181 for certificate requests.


JCTS is blessed to have the Expertise of North Florida’s Most Esteemed Arborists among its Members.

Over 40 years ago, Early Piety had a calling to serve and protect the urban forest of Northeast Florida. Since then he has managed a successful business, Specialty Tree Surgeons, serving as consultant and advisor to municipalities, businesses, and homeowners. Early has played an important role in the management of some of Northeast Florida’s most historic trees, including the Treaty Oak at Jesse Ball Dupont Park and the Cummer Museum oaks.

Early is an avid clay target sportsman and an NSSA Certified Level I Shooting Instructor. JCTS members of all ages have benefitted from Early’s shooting instructions. Early has been an integral member of the JCTS management and volunteer corps, as a board member, safety officer, and chef for many events. In addition, Early is a valued consultant and volunteer for the Duval County Extension Office.

Special talent: Early is a veritable encyclopedia of rock-n-roll lyrics.

Famous Early Piety wisdom:
“Old trees are like old dogs, old parakeets, and old horses. They’ve already got a set way that they want to do things. During a drought you give them a little more water. You only trim the dead wood, make the tree look nice, but you don’t alter the shape.”

The proper way to plant a tree: “Plant the root ball about 10% too high. Where the roots come off the bottom of the tree, that’s called the root crown area. That has to be exposed to the air. If you plant a tree and it looks like a fence post, you’ve got it too deep.”

Be sure to say “hello” to Early when you see him at the club, or schedule some lessons with him to tune up your game! Early can be reached at 904-993-7419.


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